Customized Cold Room of Walk in Coolers & Walk in Freezers is made of prefab modular fabrication with polyurethane insulation cold room slab. It can easily be assembled & combine cold rooms with different length, width and height. The prefabricated cold room panels are made of different dimensions which makes it quite flexible for constructing different sizes of cold store machinery and cold storage plant.  The prefabrication modular design gives easy assembly and disassembly of the refrigerated cold storage warehouse. And various customized cold-room interior & exterior metal finishes available to meet customers’ specific requirements. And the refrigerated storage temperature of the Walk in Cooler & Walk in Freezer Cold Storage room can be customized from refrigerating temperature of up above 10℃ for cool room and to the freezing temperature of lower than -60℃ for freezer room for the refrigeration storage and frozen storage of different types of foods like vegetable, fruit, beverage, drink, meat, medicine, pharmaceutical material or other chilled or frozen food and chemical materials.  Our walk-ins are widely used in restaurants, butcheries, pharmacies, bakeries, hospitals, mortuaries, laboratories and flower shops